Sunday, 13 August 2017

The 2017 SOS Brochure

Brochures are available from artists taking part, all libraries, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, Old Town Post Office and will soon be available from all businesses participating in the Art Trail. They are also available from the orange recycling bin in the driveway of 52, St.Margaret's Road, SN3 1RX.
I'm saying this because I'm going to put low resolution images of bits of the brochure on here, and it won't be very legible, but think it's a good idea to include it here.
Firstly the front and back covers, the front cover has the glorious painting 'Splat the Rat playing at the Town Gardens' by Terry Humphries, and you may notice that Wednesday 13 September also appears as one of the open studios dates.  We thought we'd add an extra day between the 2 weekends, please do check that the artist you want to see is open on that day, not everyone is doing so. I'll also mention Facebook and Twitter accounts, I've added links so you can see them, if you'd like to include us in your social media posts, as many are already doing, that would be great. We've added logos from our sponsors the Co-op and Deacons Jewellers and Swindon Libraries because they always host several artists, Artsite because of their fabulous support over the years, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery who are opening this year on Sunday as well as Saturday when Susan Carr and Terry Humphries will be there for the first weekend.
And last, but by no means least, Mark Lapping at Minuteman Press who designed this beautiful brochure.
Opening the brochure completely, Venue 1 is Artsite in Theatre Square in the Town Centre.
There are 6 studios to visit in the town centre, then venues 7-9 in Highworth , and venues 10& 11 in Wroughton.

North and East comes next with Venues 12-19, followed by North and West, Venues 21-28, and 29-31 in Longcot.

 On the other side, underneath the front and back pages, Venues 32-45 in Old Town with a #BacktheBid section, for more on plans for the new Museum and Art Gallery in the town centre, please visit

 There's also a map included to help plan visits, we've added postcodes to help locate all venues.