Sunday, 23 July 2017

Tintinhull Garden

Tintinhull Garden was the fourth garden of the day, normally I'd feel that 2 gardens per day would be an absolute maximum, but in Somerset, there are so many gardens to visit, and I didn't want to miss too many out.
The garden was created in the last century around the 17th century manor house, the garden is divided into rooms by clipped hedges and walls, with each room having its own character and identity. Included are The Pool Garden, Fountain Garden and traditional Kitchen Garden, the planting schemes are carefully thought out and the effect is charming.The garden is largely the creation of Phyllis Reiss who moved to Tintinhull with her husband in 1933, later on Penelope Hobhouse moved in and managed the garden in the 1980s
There are many long vistas, this one was to the seated area at one end of the Pool Garden, I would like to have sat in it, but a group stayed in there chatting for the whole time we were walking round the garden
This is the vista seen when walking through the middle garden towards the fountain garden.
In the kitchen garden, the lavender edging the bed was stunning
Did it look more like this? I'm forever trying to catch the mood and the colours, I think ti may have been in between the two photos
The sweet peas were glorious
and these lettuces were fabulous
A very healthy Datura
and since it was past 5pm, we gave up trying to sit down in the Pool Garden and took this photo from in front of the cabin.
The garden is very tranquil and as commented elsewhere a gardener's garden.

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