Tuesday, 28 March 2017

West Dean Gardens

On the recent trip to Chichester a couple of weeks ago, I visited West Dean Gardens
and although they're now a bit out of date, I thought I'd add the photos to the blog because I had such a fabulous time there. It's such a brilliant garden, and I got in free with my RHS card, because it's a partner garden. The first plant to attract attention was the Stachyrus pracox seen below with jewel like flowers:
 This was another delightful bush nearby
 The summerhouse flooring at the end of the 300 ft long Peto Edwardian pergola contains horses teeth and is quite amazing.
 Looking out from the summerhouse down the pergola
 A Primula in one of the beds beside the Pergola
 Two weeks ago, the magnolias were already flowering
 At West Dean, even the climbers are beautifully trained around the pillars
 I'd love to return to see this trained rose in the summer.
 There are 16 large greenhouses at West Dean where some spectacular plants were flowering
 Achenalia Aloides in various different shades of yellow
 And the trained Apricot trees were in flower:

 They were breathtaking
 Outside in the vegetable garden, there were more trained fruit trees

 There were some lovely pots on staging
 I found this plant, one of my favourites I first got from an open studios visit in Portishead where I asked for a plantlet. It's Aeonium undulatum
 The inside of the greenhouses with staging are redolent of a Ravilious painting:
Wonderful place

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