Sunday, 5 March 2017

IWD at the No.9 Gallery PPs

International Womens' Day is on Wednesday March 8, so the majority of the festivities in Swindon were held yesterday, although there is an evening focusing on women stepping into the public domain entitled 'Amplify Your Voice' at The Central Library, Regent Circus, SN1 1QG from 7.15-8.45pm, it costs £8. More on the website.

I started off at Artsite's Number 9 Gallery where they were holding a workshop entitled Pavement Pigeons from 10am, I'd seen the event on Facebook, and thought it looked interesting.

 Above a photo of the IWD banner outside the number 9 Gallery, and below a window display by Sasha Ward
 and below the window display from the further away. It looked bold and enhanced the window considerably.
 Moving inside the number 9 Gallery, I saw a completed pigeon with its message:'Get to know your neighbours' in its beak

 We were shown the idea behind the pigeons by Sally Taylor who had moved her studio into the gallery for the day:
And then we began selecting paper to stick on our templates. I chose a pigeon with wings rather than a dove type outline.
I love those events where you can sit round a table chatting, and this proved to be one of those.
 Above my pigeon with the message 'Let's talk to each other' in its beak, and below a dove type of pigeon
 and this lovely one says 'Let there be love'
 Vicky Silver seen below with another sort of 3D pigeon
 Some of the pigeons were going to be hung from a tree, or you could take it home, or leave it on the pavement for someone to pick up ......
Lovely event, thank you for the Pavement Pigeon workshop

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