Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Day Out in Bath with Food and Art

The day out was primarily to catch up with friends Jay and Kathy, after a fabulous lunch in the lovely Chapel Arts cafe we went along to the Victoria Art Gallery  where the main gallery is hosting an incredible collection of photographs taken over memorable times in history, I've quotes a section from their website
 Photographs of the exhibition aren't allowed, but do have a look at their website where there are some images. 

'History through a Lens: Iconic Photographs from the Incite Project
This show focuses on iconic images and their power, profiling over 75 photographs that have changed public perception of world events. They have been selected from a collection that specialises in photojournalism and documentary photography. We are used to seeing these images in the press, in transient form, generally accompanied by columns of text, but the Incite Project treats them as works of art.
The core of the collection are the classics of 20th-century photojournalism that have become visual markers of a moment in time – the assassination of JFK, a rare shot of the Normandy D-Day landing, Nelson Mandela in his cell on Robben Island, to name but a few. The collection is also motivated by a passion to support the photographers and artists currently making extraordinary, thought-provoking images about contemporary issues.'

There's also a great exhibition in the side gallery entitled 'Tom Hickman: Following the Thread' which has some lovely images of all sorts of things, especially sheep and bible stories:
 There are 3 of the bible stories shown here

 and then some of my favourite other pictures, they need cropping, but I'm so behind with blogging, that I'm going to get the posts out and then go back to refinements.
 Maybe my favourite one below:
 or maybe this is my favourite!!
 This was gorgeous.
 We were all tempted to buy the book, here are Jay and Kathy looking through it very thoroughly
 Coincidentally we also saw Caroline Day handing in work at the Imaginiation Gallery
 above fiddling about rearranging things, and below Caroline standing in front of her 2 paintings.
Do have a look in there when you're in Bath.
We did finally get to the pub, about 5.30pm before catching trains home.

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