Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Visiting Bristol

For a relaxed day out in Bristol with friends, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is a great place to visit. We started with a late lunch beside the gorgeous 17th Century fireplace, circa 1650.
 Here's a close up of the right hand side of the fireplace:
 From there we went to the beautiful toilets before looking round the galleries:
 The doors have their original brass fittings, although fortunately we don't have to pay a penny any longer.

 I think the sinks are rather good as well. There's a lovely full length mirror in there, tempting to take a photo of Jay and myself, she's also taking a photo, so it'll be interesting to see her blog post on the day out!
 From there we had a look round the galleries, I particularly like this oil painting- 'Holidays' by Harry Watson which features a relaxed group, including two young girls by a river.
 I loved this charming coffee service designed by Clarice Cliff for Wilkinson Ltd in 1935.
 Bristol is renowned for its glass, some exceptionally fine examples can be seen here, like this window:
 and a whole case of green glass
 and this vase, seen in the Friends' leaflet, the lighting made it hard to see, let alone photograph properly. It's called 'Jurassic Vase', and was made by Bob Crooks in 2012, it would be lovely to see it in good light.
 Another huge painting, measuring 4mx4m, Noah's Ark is worth a long look. It's painted by Jan Griffier in 1710. This isn't a good photo, see a better one at

 From there we went to have a look at the Kate Malone ceramic original for a bronze drinking water fountain she made in 1993, it's really very impressive:
 and here's a close up of the fish at the top
From there we went via the Ken Stradling Collection, and then back to the bus stop via The Bristol Guild, and then onto Bristol Temple Meads station where there were Emmeline Simpson posters brightening up the platform.

Lovely day out.
To read Jay's account, please click here:

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