Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Jonathan Paget and Cheryl Willis' Open Studio

From Ken White's studio, we went along Westlecot Road and despite the fact it was now 6.30pm, an hour and a half past opening time, Jonathan Paget welcomed us into his house, although of course Cheryl Willis who was sharing his space for open studios had gone home.
 Above and below some of Cheryl's work looking great against the blue walls
 And onto Jonathan's paintings which are interestingly peopled, the one below is of a recognisable street in Swindon:
 Here's Jonathan and his wife depicted as Lord and Lady Paget in their garden with significant places behind them
 Below trouble shooting on the Raft of the Medusa
 and then failing and being fired!!
 Below other paintings:
 Jane and Jonathan discussing life drawing and his latest painting
And then home, dropping Nicky off at Rachel Pryor's where I did a poor job of photographing her open studio:
That was a sitting down photo, and although I admired Lynne Young's bowls, I didn't photograph them, apologies for that Lynne.

Visiting Ken White's Studio

And so onto Ken White's studio. By now it was 6pm, a time when most people who had taken part in open studios were putting their feet up and didn't want to talk to anyone, but Ken and Jan were very kind and invited us in to chat about their day and take a few photos:
 The walls of Ken's studio are covered in his paintings, and there are also others stacked up against the wall to look at, along with newspaper cuttings about murals and other things Ken has been involved in.
Below it doesn't look like we're all talking, but we were! Maybe they're trying to avoid the camera.

And the view from the studio is delightful:
Open Studios and Gardens next year?

Eleanore May and Jake Stark in Park Lane, and David Robinson and Mark Worrall in Wells Street, two great studios

From the Richard Jefferies Museum, we went into town, to visit Eleanore May and Jake Stark's studio in Park Lane, delightfully situated across from Faringdon Park. In the hallway, we encountered the impressive metal structure in the brochure, and then upstairs found some paintings in the same series as the one in the Window Gallery, along with other pieces seen below:

 There were also cards and some amazing knitted things which I'd like to look at again when not under such pressure to see everything, below Jane and Nicky are looking at a lovely selection of things on the bookshelf

 From Park Lane, we went round to David Robinson and Mark Worrall's open studio in Wells Street, like Eleanore and Jake, they had prepared very well for opening their house, it provided a perfect backdrop for their work:

 Above Mark Worrall's train completed, and below some of his photographs:
 They had a good idea for capturing people's details for their mailing list, a painting was given to one of the names which went into the box!
More of David's great views of Swindon:
 They are mostly easily recognisable, and hopefully I'll get them correct. Above back of Savernake St, and the Regent Circus building site
 Above Western St looking down the the Murray John tower, and below the Corn Exchange

 Above coming form the station into town, and below several views
 Below the new car park at Regent Circus and maybe views of Christ Church?
 It was great to have these 4 newcomers to Swindon Open Studios taking part this year.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tara and David Parker-Woolway at the Richard Jefferies Museum

We were showing signs of tiring when we visited the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate; there was a discussion about parking, and since Nicky had her filming equipment to carry we parked in the RJM car park.
There are 2 sets of stairs in the Richard Jefferies Museum, I hadn't realised this, so Nicky and I went up the far stairs near and on the way, we found a couple of lovely Jane Milner-Barry's paintings

 And a lot of paintings by Kate Tryon, this one entitled 'Burderop Park' in 1910. At this time, the Calley family owned the Burderop Estate, immortalised by Richard Jefferies in ' Round About a Great Estate':
 Once up in the loft, we found a boy on a bed
 sharing the room with a fox
 And having gone downstairs, went up the other stairs and discovered a lovely gallery space with Tara Parker-Woolway's animal portraits on the walls:
 And landscapes:
 I loved this painting:
Today was the last day the tea rooms at the Richard Jefferies museum were open. Details of  further exhibitions at the gallery when they are published, it's rumoured that Benoit Philippe is having an exhibition in the Richard Jefferies Museum Gallery soon.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Swindon Road, Wroughton - 2 fab venues, including David Morse

From Kim's studio we went to David Morse's house, where he was sharing his space with Dee Levy; we were so fortunate to be able to see this amazing work
David has sculpture, like the cat above, glass like the fish below
 And paintings above and below
 Below is Dee's dragon.
 David's horse:

 And 2 views of an amazing 'pond' sculpture

 Above the winged horse and below the manic dog

 Two pieces of Dee's work on amazing paper
 And  2 photos of Liam Shortridge's work
 Liam's candelabra are just the best:
And lots still to come in the next blog items when I get back from New York
Richard Jefferies Museum above, Ella and Jake below

David Robinson above and below the Beehive