Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings catered for this weekend:
On Friday there's the preview of the Words and Pictures Exhibition organised by Hannah Moreton at the Number 9 Gallery opposite Artsite. It starts at 6.30pm, all welcome.
for a larger poster click here
If you have a look at the Artsite website by clicking above, you can also find out details of Hannah's fabric workshops, having made a pincushion with Hannah, I can thoroughly recommend her approach.

On Saturday evening, the wonderful Erin Bardwell Collective are playing at the Royal Oak, Devizes Road, Old Town, a gig not to be missed:
I last heard them at the bandstand in the Town Gardens, they were magic. Starting time may be 8pm, I'll check, while looking for more details, I came across a photograph of the Royal Oak before its tiles fell off:

And on Sunday evening at 5pm, there's the preview of a new Landing Arts Gallery exhibition at the Arts Centre in Devizes Road:

Photos to follow when I have been to see Richard Hall's exhibition. I went to the Private View tonight and realised it was THAT Richard Hall, interesting work, well worth a visit, tempting photos to follow, in haste to get there with SOS brochures, forgot the camera.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Kerry Gault at The Core is Calling Artists to Supply Artwork

  • Advertised as Swindon's newest gallery space, The Core in Devizes Road, Swindon, SN1 4BJ tel: 01793 610300 is asking for submissions before the 26th of August.

    These are the conditions:

    £10 deposit
    25% Commission on sales
    100% of these proceeds go towards Vitamin C Infusion Clinic.

    It's very exciting, there's music there this evening, have a look at their Facebook page:
    The Core in Swindon

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Children of the Universe Exhibition at Artsite

I should have attended the Private View of this exhibition at Artsite on the 19th of July and then could have publicised this interesting exhibition which grew on me as I walked round and looked at the pictures from various angles.
All I can do now is to show the photographs and give you a link to the artist, Peter Cowdy via his  blog, because the exhibition has now been taken down.
 From left to right, 'Bubble Wave' acrylic on canvas applied with a cigarette filter, in the middle 'Fractal Cubes' applied with a brush and cigarette filter, and on the right 'Hidden Moon'
 This striking collage above was made to fill a wall space and is really striking.
 Above '7spheres for 7 circles' and 'Sharing Space in 4D'
 'Tetracube' with a close up below, and 'Antahkaranas'
 And below here is Peter curating the exhibition.
 Below is his piece about himself:
 I'm hoping Peter will consider taking part in Open Studios next year, so we may see him again.
His blog is:
For more information about Artsite's events:

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Brochure will be Available Soon

Great excitement!
The Swindon Open Studios 2013 brochure has gone to the printers, TB Marketing, and will be available very soon.
They will be distributed to those taking part and distributed to the Arts Centre, local pubs, the Central Library, Artsite, the Wyvern Theatre and shops.
As a taster, here's the front cover with Tim Carroll's 'Town Centre' painting.
 He has included two iconic pieces of Swindon Public art-  Carleton Attwood's lion, and Tom Dixon's Jack lights mentioned in his V & A entry:

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Heatwave Garden Tour

This was to be a 3 day garden tour, it did take place, but it was a challenge to keep going in 30 degree temperatures.
Day 1 was a trip to two ngs gardens open unusually on a Monday. The first one, 25, Bowling Green Lane in Cirencester, GL7 2HD opens about 8 times each year during June and July, is a large suburban garden with many clematis and rose covered arches and hemerocallis at ground level. It is well worth a visit next year, we were there on the last day of opening in 2013. The second garden was designer and writer, Mary Keen's garden at the Old Rectory in Duntisbourne Rous, GL7 7AP.

The setting is magnificent, her placing of plants very pleasing:

 and her geranium ladder so exquisite, here's the rose covered outside:
 And a close up of the interior:

And lastly, the garden furniture very tasteful:

For gardens open this weekend: the nearest to Swindon is TWIGS on Sunday 21st July.
Day 2 was a trip to Special Plants for a talk by Derry Watkins on Salvias followed by a run around the garden behind Derry showing us her collection of Salvias. I think the secret is to keep cutting back and filling in with more palnts as the season progresses for a colourful look.
Here's what's looking good in Derry's garden:
 Above a bush with blue trumpet like flowers.
 Above a general view of a border and below an iron sculpture looking good among a gravel border.
 And below a close up of the structure.

Above some bright red Morning Glory plants growing up a wigwam structure, and below sweet peas climbing up another sort of structure.

 And a walk through the woods revealed an enormous horse chestnut tree, Aesculus hippocastanum.
 More at:
From Special Plants, we drove a couple of miles in the direction of the M4 to Dyrham Park. The walk form the car park through deer grazed pastures is easy and relaxed unless it's 30 degrees. A statue of Neptune stands on the hillside and below the house

 nestling in the rolling countryside.

Day 3 would have been a visit to the Lavender Nursery near Newark Park, but it was closed on Wednesday, so a visit to their website is all we
Instead we visited Rodmarton Manor via Tetbury
 These two photos show the wonderful tub placed outside the toilets. Shopkeepers can buy hanging baskets from the council at £40 a basket.

We looked round the Arts and Crafts house and onto the gardens shown below.

 The photo above shows a display of Agapanthus around a central planter
 A view of the long borders and below the Achillea like plant spotted in Avebury Manor gardens last year.

 Above examples of the trimmed box.
 And here the stone trough area.
 One of the lovely seating areas beside the house and below a lovely plant arrangement.
It's well worth a visit, open Wednesdays and Saturdays in the summer from 2-5pm.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

UB 40 frontman Ali Campbell at the Bowl

It didn't matter what the weather was going to be like, I bought my ticket to see Ali Campbell a month ago, and just as well since the tickets sold out.
The Bowl in the Old Town Gardens in Swindon is such a gorgeous place, it's a perfect small outdoor theatre venue. I took some photos of the empty stage one day:

The gates were locked so we couldn't get in, but had a look at the turn styles which have a fascinating foot operated pedal to allow people through one at a time.The mechanism is so cleverly constructed.
Above is the turn style, you can just see the operator would stand on the right hand side and depress a circular lever with their foot to allow the turn style to make one 90 degree turn.
Close up below:
Last Saturday night all thoughts of operating mechanisms were forgotten as Ali Campbell's familiar, so distinctive voice reminded us of days gone by; we could have been on a tropical island.
To buy tickets for the next Bowl concert:
or visit or ring the Arts Centre box office on 01793 614837

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bath Society of Artists 108th Annual Exhibition Opening Night

This was held on Friday 5th July 6-8pm at Victoria Art Gallery, Pulteney Bridge, Bath, BA2 4AT
The exhibition runs until 31 August, opening times and more details on the website:
To commemorate David Inshaw's 70th birthday, Bath Society of Artists had borrowed The Badminton Game from the Tate; a detail of it is featured on the invitations and it can be viewed as part of the exhibition.
There are also quite a number of giclee prints by David Inshaw for sale.
This years poster advertising the event features a striking lino cut by Mo Lancaster entitled 'Ascot Ladies'

The evening was hot and sultry and there were a large number of people trying to look at the work on the walls and sculptures.
The following photos give an idea of the scrum:

And then just as I was wondering who on earht all these people were, I saw some familiar faces:
Susan Carr and Terry Humphreys in the white shirt, previous participants in SOS..
And Bev Greig and Paul Exton both taking part in SOS this year.
 Bev Greig's painting is in the middle of those above, and Tim Carroll's is below
 Terry's painting of Bath Station is below:

 And Patrick Jordan's sculpture:

 2 general views of the show

And finally when we escaped, sandwiches beside the weir: